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Parents, Prepare Yourselves. Prepare Your Kids.

There will be a surge in poison control calls and with accidental exposure in children having access to drugs. There’s been more than a 60% increase in drug use among middle school students.

#1 New Trend..

Snapchat drugs. They may give you the infamous eye roll or tell you they “know all their friends” on social media. They do not. They’re networking and may have followers who are complete strangers (and are drug dealers)

In addition to drugs being sold on social media apps, perpetrators are hanging around schools where there is less security and hitting easy target areas.

Parents ask, “how can I tell or possibly know if my kid is using drugs?”

Red flags:

Red eyes

Quick changes in behavior and mood (happy, then suddenly sad or confused)



Secretive behavior


Changes in eating and sleep patterns


These are just some signs, but there are more.

Tell your children, even if they have a headache, pain, or don’t feel good, they should NOT take pills from anyone except those prescribed from a doctor. The school nurse or administration should contact their parent. They should never under any pressure or circumstance take anything from another student

Kids also tend to share food and drinks at school. Tell them not to.

Edibles look like regular candy.

Remember, tweens and teens are experimenting and navigating tough times.

For those teens suffering from anxiety or stress, discuss coping strategies.

Bottom line, as a parent, be one step ahead. Do the research, understand, and educate yourself first.

Stay on top of the trends and stay involved.

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