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Mental Health Referrals

Adolescent Mental Health and Wellness Resources 

Residential Treatment Centers (IOP and PHP)


ROWI Teen Mental Health Services


Evolve Treatment Services for Teens and families

Didi Hirsch Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Program at 310-751-1207 for more information.



 Eating Disorders


Specialist in Eating Disorders and Identity Issues


Kate Behzadi


Kate Behzadi, LMFT – Adult & Adolescent Psychotherapy


Pediatric & Young Adult Neuropsychology & Comprehensive Assessment


Dr. Jonine Beisman

818 591-3000


Karen Schiltz

818 518-1057


Educational Psychologist:


Dr. Teri Solochek 

818 348-8248

*Also does school placement


Child Psychiatry

Dr. Mindy Werner-Crohn, MD

(818) 756-0050


Dr. Echiverria



Dr. Sahar Douek


Ellie Mizani, MD – Medical Director, Cedars Sinai Mental Health

Areas of Expertise: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, ADHD and Addiction Medicine



Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma

Child, Adolescent and Family Therapists & Licensed Clinical Psychologists

Alison Young

Teen Therapy, Anxiety & Relationship Trauma


Michelle Webb

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Maurissa Szilagi

Child and Teen Therapy

(818) 621-0458

Kate Behzadi, LMFT

Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy

Eating Disorders, Identity Issues and Family Dynamics

(818) 515-1431 

Dawn Delgado, LMFT, Eating Disorders Specialist

Center for Discovery

Dr. Meghan Moody

(818) 425-4411

Dana Fogel-Stark, LMFT

(818) 623-7330


Parenting and Family Therapy


Bette Alkazian



School Advocacy


Gwen Campbell

818 706-9993

Agoura Hills


Melanie Segal 


Beverly Hills


Educational Therapy


Andrea Chernin, M.Ed., ET/P


(747) 888-3330

Daniella Stein, M.A. Ed

(818) 391-4724


Speech and Language Therapy


Mara Beck

(310) 701-8315


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