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About Lisa

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Founder, Lisa  Tiano

For the last 20 years, I've blended my insights and clinical experience to better understand how the cultural trends affect children and teens and their relationships with the outside world. As a parent to two teenage girls, I know firsthand that patience and love don't always solve our life problems, even though it's the most rewarding.

With a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and after 20 years of working in clinics, hospitals and schools, I found a way to turn my passion into working with pre-teens and teens. With many years of experience in school counseling, I learned more about how teenagers think, feel and talk. I started hosting workshops and interviewed hundreds of pre-teens and teens on the very topics that affect them on a daily basis - the challenges of relationships and friendships, school, family, peer pressure, social media, bullying, alcohol and drugs. 


As an educator, speaker, and author, I'm always finding information that relates to kids growing up in today's rapidly changing world, and the issues they face as they experience puberty, adolescence, and eventually adulthood. With teenage anxiety and depression on the rise, this is a time when our kids need us more than ever. 


My husband and two daughters are my biggest blessings in life. They inspire me every day. Creating this platform for parents of teens gives me an opportunity to discuss the real issues that parents and teens face.  It's also very rewarding knowing that I get to work in my professional career helping and consulting with the teenage population and their parents. My mission is to continue empowering and supporting families and creating a culture of positive change. 


REAL Teen Talk is about real life, real issues and topics that pertain to teens. If the topics you read here resonate with you, please like and share this site with your friends, and you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


If you'd like to book an event, media interview, private workshop, or book a consultation with me, contact me at: or call (818) 850-5313.



Co-founder and ambassador, my sister and I act as a mentor and support person to help pre-teens and other teens deal with the pressures of being an adolescent. Co-founding this program with our mother has been extremely gratifying, as we continue to do outreach in our community by gathering tweens and teens and their parents for educational workshops on a variety of topics and issues that teens are affected by. I, too, have been affected by many of these issues and have learned how to be resilient during obstacles I've had to face myself - academic and school pressures, body image issues and self-esteem, confidence, fear of failure, bullying, healthy versus toxic friendships and relationships, and so much more. 

As a team leader, I enjoy speaking at public and private group events, and continuing to support the tween and teen population. 



As co-founder and ambassador like my sister, Mia, I also help support tweens and teens with the pressures of adolescence.  Going through some of my own hardships during middle school and high school, I learned that no person should ever feel alone or isolated. We decided to create this REAL Teen Talk program and club to be inclusive, and to allow all kids facing challenging times to be with other like-minded kids who are also experiencing tough situations.  


I love speaking to audiences on teen-related topics, where I know so many teens experience the pressures that are oftentimes hard to deal with. I continue the mission to grow this program, and to support others as much as I can.  I also hope that the book I wrote, Charlotte McGee, Proud to Me, can inspire young children to be the best version of themselves.

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