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Meet the Founder, Lisa Tiano

Lisa understands teens like no one else does. Her recent book she published, 101 Girl Tips, proves just that. 


"I think that young adults are way more fearless, confident, and capable than they think they are." 


Lisa has a natural ability to engage with teens, giving them a platform to talk about the real issues they're struggling with. She's appeared in newspaper articles, interviewed on podcasts and on the KTLA Morning News.   

Lisa's been recognized for her approachable and down-to-earth demeanor when presenting in schools, workshops and classrooms. Described as a catalyst for helping teens develop empathy, she brings her fresh perspective on how this generation needs to slow down and "connect" without technology consuming their lives. 

"This is the most crucial time ever, where teens need help in navigating their pressure-cooker world. This is my calling - to educate, empower and inspire kids for positive change."

Work with me, and join me! Let's start new conversations with your school or organization. Or, we can discuss collaborating on a project (as long as it has to do with teens:)



or (818) 850-5313 

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