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Our New ZOOM & Small Pod Social Group Experiences for Tween and Teen Girls

Group Ages: 10-12 & 13-16 yr olds 


*Before registering for our groups below, a phone consult is needed to determine if this group is the right fit for your daughter. Please contact me at (818) 850-5313 and email:

Please reach out to me to schedule private parent-teen sessions or a private consultation. 

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Real Teen Talk Impact Seminar 2019-2020.

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REAL TeenTalk Group Descriptions

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Each "Let's Get Social" session will focus on practicing a new skill while engaging with others in the group. Students role-play with each other and practice what they've learned outside of class with weekly ongoing exercises where parents help become coaches for their pre-teen and teenage girls. It’s a cohesive effort between the family & facilitator.

***NEW ZOOM "Let's Get Social" group for tween and teen girls - Group ages are 10-12 year olds and 13-16 year olds

Every in-Person Socially Distant Pod Group,

1.25-hour group: $65 per session (4-week series)

*Please note that refunds cannot be given for any missed sessions. 

Year-Round Groups & Modules


Topics include:

  • Friendships & Peer Support

  • Emotional Regulation & Social Cues Skills

  • Building Resilience & Self-Esteem

  • Social & Peer Pressures

  • Body Image & Body Confidence

  • Healthy versus Toxic Relationships

  • Impact of Social Media & How to Create Safe Boundaries

Please contact or call (818) 850-5313 to schedule a phone consult to discuss if this group is the right fit for your child.


*Please note that there are no refunds after registering for this group and the regular weekly commitment is required to attend.

Executive Functioning Impact Your Child

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