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Is Texting the Same as Talking?

Even pre-pandemic, actual social skills amongst teens has become a lost art.

Parents are communicating with me how their kids’ phones have replaced their connections with them and others.

Can teens and young adults really handle social interactions, or even conflict when they’ve become so accustomed to speaking via their smartphones? - Emoji’s being used to express themselves has taken the lead versus being adept at conversational skills and maintaining good eye contact. Then kids leave for college and begin adulting in the real world- interviews and jobs, developing and maintaining relationships, etc. Mommy and daddy aren’t there to rescue them.

I engage with dozens of teens and I cannot tell you how much of a deficit there is in adolescents lacking social interaction skills. If we want their brains to become accustomed to real human connection and building positive, healthy relationships, it’s not too late - Put into practice the importance of reading verbal and non-verbal cues, expressing empathy and emotion.

Warning: Your teen will most likely look down at their phone to see if they received a snapchat or text while you’re trying to engage with them.

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