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Instagram Rolls Out Anti-Bullying Feature

Are your kids being targeted? Now, they can quietly block the haters. You might be thinking that bullying has become a normal part of growing up. While we hear dozens of stories daily about kids being bullied, not only has it become a global epidemic, but we seem to be hearing about the exorbitant amount of problems with kids struggling to overcome more online bullying. From harassments and threats to mean comments and shameful messages, kids cannot escape from being tormented.

As parents, we can help our children manage their digital profiles. We can now show them the tools to help mitigate the issues they're suffering from. While we can't totally do away with bullying, we can certainly help children feel empowered and reduce the incidences of these shameful acts.

Instagram has a new feature, "RESTRICT", which now allows a person to restrict the inappropriate and hateful comments from being shown that the perpetrators attempt to post. Kudos to Instagram for attempting to mitigate some of the bullying issues that kids are exposed to on a daily basis.

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