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Teen Author Shows How Adversity Makes You Stronger

Sometimes the bravest thing you can ever do is show how adversity makes you resilient. Wanting to inspire and encourage young children is a huge undertaking, but when it comes to teaching kids that it is possible to turn your negative circumstances into something positive, they suddenly listen to what you have to say.

High school senior, Brynn Tiano, is the author of the new children's book, Charlotte McGee, Proud to Be Me, and she has a message about how to teach children and teens about self-worth. The book features an elementary aged student named Charlotte, who struggles with self-confidence and doubts herself, losing friends at school because of her appearance. As the story unfolds, her peers come to realize how funny and kind Charlotte is, despite something about her physical appearance.

Brynn took on this book project for an assignment at school, but knowing how she personally struggled with being bullied and ostracized, she decided to take it a step further and channel that energy into something positive. She continues to do book signings and readings at schools, teaching children how to love themselves no matter what society tells them. "Knowing that I'm impacting young children in a positive way gives me the greatest pleasure and puts a huge smile on my face", said Tiano.

To purchase Charlotte McGee, Proud to Be Me, click on the Amazon link:

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