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How Parents and Teens are Similar

It’s no wonder why we often feel like we’re losing ourselves at times even as a grown up. We’re raising our teenagers in a very complex world, knowing this generation is exposed to way more than we could possibly imagine.

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to your own self-assuredness, it can sometimes feel exhausting when making tough decisions in the midst of parenting. There are ways I attempt to re-connect with my own teenage daughters. After all, raising confident kids in a very toxic culture is extremely challenging.

Something helpful I wanted to share with you that you can use in times of reflection as a parent raising your own teenagers:

-When you think about something from your childhood, or your own teenage years, what was it that held you back from being the person you really wanted to be?

-In times of self-doubt, how do you work through your “mistakes” (in your job or as a parent) so that you don’t label yourself as a failure?

As a parent, what are you most proud of?

My point is, as adults, we’re a lot like our teens. We’re often so caught up in the minutia of daily life that we don’t stop to realize our sense of self without questioning, doubting, and criticizing ourselves from those bumps in the road that are a part of everyday life. Those road bumps don’t define who we are. These questions help us self-reflect in knowing that we are enough. Enough as an individual. And enough as a parent.

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