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"Doing a Few Shots Won't Kill Me"

Sometimes as parents, it’s difficult when to let the reigns loose in giving our teens the independence they need. Freedom is power. We all wanted it when we were their age, so why not give it to them? The problem now is that there’s a growing and serious problem in terms of the perception that kids have with using drugs. Not that in our generation there weren’t as much. There was plenty. The difference now is that the perception and the way that kids view drugs has changed. Because of the increased academic demands of school and other added pressures, teens feel the need to validate the use of drugs to help them get through life. Escaping from the increased pressures from school, all the extracurricular activities, and parents (both good and bad home life) is an escape and reason for them to “just deal.”

Bottom line - Kids perceiving that having just a few drinks here and there is the norm, or doing shots at a party may not kill them. Reality check - Accidental overdoses and alcohol poisoning for first time users become the tragedy because they simply DID NOT KNOW.

The façade is when parent’s think they know what’s going on with their kids, or where they’re going, or who they’re hanging with. Sadly, this is not always the case. Even as teens, they need to be questioned. Limits need to be set. Consequences need to happen. Giving teens their freedom is one thing. Being the cool mom without setting boundaries is not cool in the end, when it's just too late.

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