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Am I Pretty? Girls Searching for Validation in All The Wrong Places

So, does your daughter like to make videos? Their innocent play may not be as innocent as you think.

Millions of girls ages 9-13 are posting videos or posts asking the question, "Am I pretty or ugly?" and in their quest for finding the answer, they're exposing themselves to dangerous consequences they may not even realize. Social media gives girls a platform to obtain validation. What they may not be aware of however is exactly WHO is giving them the answers to their desperate questions. What lies behind the internet world is beyond what girls are seeking.

Watch one of these "Am I Pretty?" videos with your daughter to open up the lines of communication. Being a good parent means keeping your daughter safe, knowing if she's posting videos during spare time, discussing the "private" or "public" settings (do you even know what they're set to?) and talking about why seeking approval from strangers and the internet world is a potential danger and threat to her life.

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