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Is Your Tween or Teen “Camouflaging?”

Not at all considered a new concept, pre-teens and teenagers are “camouflaging.” It’s a way that kids blend in with their peers and alter who they really are so they can feel part of a group. One example is kids “dumbing themselves down” to fit in with a certain crowd. A loss of self-esteem and sometimes self-destructive behavior tend to be the focal points with camouflaging. Pay attention and tune in to certain signs that your son or daughter may be displaying. Is he/she choosing the wrong crowd of friends to hang with? Or, perhaps dating the wrong kind of person?

With confidence comes standing out instead of blending in and hiding who they really are. Similar to the running themes in my workshops, it’s crucial that children stay true to who they are and not compromise or change for anyone. This is one of the most valuable life lessons we can teach them.

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