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Is Your Child Exempt From Becoming a Victim?

Being a mom and educator simultaneously is not the easiest task, but I feel compelled to bring more awareness and to help other parents like myself who have pre-teens and teenagers. As I continue to blog and educate, today I brought up the subject of sex trafficking. Yes, a heavy topic that's a global issue and where 750,000 pedaphiles are living online (with your sons and daughters). Because I am in the process of being trained by the best of experts, I need to ask you all as parents, "do you know if your child is clicking around and accidentally clicking malicious software?" "do your kids have webcams?" Even the most innocent kids, normal, academically thriving kids like ours who are kept busy with sports and activities log onto their computers daily and are unaware of what's lurking online and hackers able to get in. Watch this video that explains the sextortion of this young girl you all probably remember a few years back. Then you will understand how it all starts...

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