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Living a More Purposeful Life

Living with purpose and intention seems complex but I’m trying to envision the life I want to create and live that’s directly in front of me. I just turned 51 this year. I feel like I’m turning over a new leaf. Five decades and a year. Since my father’s passing, I constantly hear his voice and the messages he conveyed during his lifetime. “Be a good person. Be there for others. See the good in people. Be positive. Pray. Be real, because most people aren’t." And lastly, "do what you desire and do it with passion.” Sure, everyone has good days and bad days. It’s real life. We can’t always walk around in a bubble pretending everything is great 24/7 (even though I do know a few people who do!).

So what does living a more purposeful life mean to me exactly?

It means living with purpose and not perfection. The unattainable just stresses me out, so I try to live well rather than worrying about what I don’t have. Kinda like the antithesis of keeping up with the Joneses.

Being grateful for the little things in life.

Having gratitude daily for good health.

Laughing often and joking with my kids.

Arguing less.

Cooking more without complaining, and realizing that there’s nothing more gratifying than a great home cooked meal that my family actually enjoys and appreciates. I’m still dining out often, because that gives me great pleasure.

Spending quality time with my husband (outside of the kids). And spending quality time with my daughters.

Building friendships and maintaining relationships with those who enhance and who don’t suck the energy out of me.

Connecting my mind and body (because I’m not in shape and realize that if I want to be healthy and fit, I have to commit and live WITH A PURPOSE). I cannot embrace the body I don’t love.

Texting less. Disconnecting from technology.

Traveling more.

Living with dignity.

Living my dream job. Which is this. Which is now. Writing as often as I can. And…continuing my girls leadership workshops, helping tween and teen girls learn the meaning of self-worth, and where they can learn to look inward rather than outward for others’ validation. Building awareness in young girls and adolescents to end social bullying. A hard mission to accomplish. But I’m on a mission and loving every minute of it.

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