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STD's Reach All Time High in the U.S.

If teens are not thinking or thinking "that won't happen to me", here's the harsh reality.

STD'S are on the rise and the highest cases are among teens and young adults. In the last year alone, 2.4 million infections have been diagnosed- the most cases ever reported in the U.S.

These include: Chlamydia Gonorrhea Syphilis

More than 50% of teens are NOT using condoms, and even with less sex and more "hooking up", teens are being exposed to different infections. What's even scarier is that some of these STD's are becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment.

And, did you know that with some infections, there are no symptoms, so people who have it don't even know it.

Watch the video, then share and discuss with your teens.

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