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Is your teen off to college soon? Moving into a dorm is both exciting and a big adjustment for those leaving home for the very first time. I remember when we were making endless lists for the already printed out lists for our daughter, and boy was it overwhelming to say the least. We wanted to cross-check and make sure we weren't forgetting anything.

You'll find endless articles and packing lists online, but be aware that some are outdated, or perhaps the college your teen is attending provided you with a checklist. Be sure to also check with the college on items that are now prohibited. Many universities have new guidelines and up-to-date essentials that are allowed/not allowed, so it's important to check before packing things unnecessarily.

From the essentials and must-haves to the nice-to-haves, your teen will be college ready before you know it! My best tip is to keep in mind that space is limited in most dorm rooms, so in my opinion from doing this once already (and soon again with my younger daughter), "LESS IS MORE." Some things are just better left at home since saving space in freshman year is key. It's better to unpack and know that any last minute items can be purchased from a local Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond or Amazon.

Attention all mama bears: be sure to pack some aspirin, pain relievers, cough medicines, antidiarrheal medicine, vitamins, herbal teas, etc. as this will help tremendously so your teen doesn't have to run to the health center when they get sick. I know, we think of these things that naturally happen, and when mama isn't there to help nurse her child, it's reassuring to know they'll have these medicinal go-to's in their room when needed.

Cheers to your teen on entering the next phase of life - their freshman year of college! Despite everything you're ruminating about as a parent, I promise your teen will get through it and love every single moment of independence. Of course there's a learning curve in knowing how to adult, but your teen will not be alone doing it. As for you? You'll get through it also. It's a time a self-discovery for both parent and child, and move-in day will be an emotional and unforgettable time - take it all in. And don't worry about things you may forget, because you will. What you won't forget is how much you love them and how proud you are of them. You'll be just fine, and so will they.

I'm including this current, up-to-date dorm room essentials list. I found it helpful since many lists don't include the visuals and this one does. Thanks to HGTV for giving this complete 2021 college essentials guide. Hoping you find this helpful for your teen's college journey!

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