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The Next Generation of Barbie

The time has come! Mattel is making radical changes in redesigning Barbie and making different body types and evolving the brand.

Launching a brain-storming project that discusses making Barbie as relevant as possible for today’s generation of girls, Barbie redefined means introducing different body types, where it speaks to girls authentically. There’s a great responsibility in being a role model for young girls and how they can identify with Barbie. Mattel has stepped up to the plate by attempting to redesign and make progress towards coming up with realistic body shapes and sizes that girls all over the world can identify with.

It's a breath of fresh air for parents to know that Barbie can now represent every little girl who may question her own self-worth during play time. What does this brand symbolize in everyone’s homes in different countries around the globe?

It represents a realistic body type as well as a realistic representation of girls and women. The world is diverse and multicultural and we cannot keep fooling young girls and families who buy these products. We all know that it’s not a one size fits all, and this is what young girls need to see. From tall to petite, from slender to curvy, light skin, dark skin, different hair textures, ethnicities - Barbie is diverse. It’s no longer just blonde hair and blue eyes.

Of all the toy products on the market, Mattel is on to something that is in sync with the body image movement. They're in a position of progress, not perfection, which is the ultimate growth of what girls and women need and want. Finally, the system of play is celebrating ALL types of beauty. Thank you Mattel!

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