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Teen Girls and Their Secret Lives

Chances are your kids won’t tell you if they get requests for “noodz (nude selfies).” If you ask them, they may look at you like you’re nuts and say “what?!” Or, if you have both a son and a daughter, let them show you a few pictures from their phone. Take note of the things you see in the pictures. Do you think there are true differences between what girls post and what boys post? Many kids are even being threatened if they don’t send nudes, for fear that they’ll have rumors spread about them. Think blackmail is the only reason? Author Nancy Jo Sales could not be more right on when she talks about the secret lives of teenagers, and girls specifically. Raising teenagers in a culture where everything is moving at a faster pace is more than just peer pressure. It’s pressure that girls have to look hot and sexy. The “hotness” factor is causing dangerous ramifications and causing more than just anxiety and depression.

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