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Confessions of a Moody Princess

Once upon a time, growing up as a little girl, I wanted to be a princess, just like Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. I remember how perfect their lives seemed in my eyes. Everything beautiful and happy, full of sunshine and love…and princesses finding their princes. No mood swings, no raging hormones, no turning from angel to demon in 2 seconds flat!

Princesses and fairytales lacked social media and cyber world. Now, I think about how kids are at such a disadvantage by losing that face to face interaction and relying on texting and communicating via their phones and computers. The princesses didn’t have any of that. No Instagram. No SnapChat. No hidden platforms of daily interaction. I can't get over the attitudes and sassiness that young girls are displaying. It's gone from bad to worse. Parents don't even know how to handle their own children's moods anymore!

Take Cinderella’s attitude for example. She never complained or bitched about anything even though she was a slave to her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Sure, it’s all butterflies, rainbows and make believe. But why can’t we teach our daughters to be grateful, no matter what their circumstances are? Hormones and all, why is it that our generation of young girls can be so incredibly sassy, bratty and throw temper tantrums to those who love them the most? Did you ever hear Snow White bitch to the dwarves or Cinderella go ballistic towards her stepsisters?

The reality of girls and regulating hormones is like an oxymoron. There’s no regulation, no self-control, no stalling of emotions. Tween and teenage girls can’t even understand their own moodiness and irritability. It’s like being in the midst of a storm and they don’t know where to turn or how they even got there.

What about my own moody princesses? I love them to pieces and so I ask them “what are you sweet girls going to do when your mama hits menopause soon? How will you react to my unannounced outbursts and my raging, senseless demands ?” So how about we make a deal? Since these are very unsteady times for all of us being girls, with the mood swings taking us all by surprise, how about we let dad out of the house during those outbursts? He can drive to the nearest Baskin Robbins and bring us back whatever size sundae we want.

And…we all live happily ever after.

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