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Bringing Scary Back to Halloween

Are girls looking too sexy on Halloween?

Ok, so what's up with all the sexy Halloween costumes that kids are purchasing? Oops... I mean that parents are buying? Each year my girls and I go shopping for costumes and each year we see costumes that are made with less material! Teen girls are dressing like sexy girl scouts and naughty nurses. Is it that parents are caving in to the demands of their children? I don't get it, but my stomach turns as we walk down the Party City costume aisle. Fish net stockings, tube skirts and lace up dresses that barely cover their rear ends. Hmmm. Are we shopping for Halloween or night clubbing?

I mean seriously, isn't it my sacred duty as a mom to keep my daughters from walking out of the house looking like a skank? Not that I want to disclose my age, but remember the days when tween and teen girls looked like cute, hip and classic kitty cats? So, how is it that parents are taking out their wallets to buy costumes for their daughters that scream ready to pole dance? Is Halloween the one night a year that parents give permission for their daughters to dress like a total slut? I don't get it.

Boo hoo! I'm determined to carry on the tradition of spooky wear! PLEASE, PLEASE let's bring scary back!

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