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Mastering Mindset for Teens

Anyone with adolescents knows their kids need this right now, and what teens can start focusing on this summer…

“My confidence grows when I step out of my comfort zone”

“I’m tired of trying to be someone I’m not just to be accepted and fit in.

I want to go back to being me”

“I no longer feed into drama and toxic friends because it doesn’t enhance my life in any way”

"I'm ready to find new ways of handling my intense emotions"

"I choose not to feel emotionally exhausted and stress over things I cannot control"

"It's better for me to hang out with friends who get me, respect and appreciate me rather than hanging with friends I don't feel comfortable with"

“My effort and attitude determine everything”

~Lisa Tiano, M.A.

Teen Girl Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

Empowering Teens into Adulthood

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