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Thursday Girl's Day @Momipedia!

Welcome to Thursday Girl’s Day!

Every Thursday, I write about a topic pertaining to pre-teen and adolescent girls and members of Momipedia can join in the conversation. Check it out, join and share your thoughts, comments, etc! Here's my topic today...

Not all moms and daughters argue. Moms and sons argue for sure, but did you know that the length of time an argument occurs has proven to be longer between moms and daughters than with moms and sons? Can you believe that on average, a mother/daughter conflict occurs every 2 1/2 days and can last 15 minutes, while a mom and her son argues on average about every four days and lasts about six minutes?

What exactly is that tension that occurs between moms and daughters? A sensitive question but, do you find the conflicts you’re having to be about the same things (old arguments), or anything random that can set the two of you off?

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