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Mom Or Daughter? Will the Real Bully Please Stand Up

Is there such a thing as "mom bullies?"

Never in my right mind did I imagine as a kid that there was such a thing as “Mom Bullies.” Do you ever wonder why moms never get past the high school drama and clique thing? Sigh. Not drama as in musical theater. Rather, the drama that parents create themselves. Never mind their kids on the school yard or at the lunch tables causing drama. You know the saying…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As parents, we are the role models for our children. We pave the way for them. We talk about making the right choices. We instill good values, and what it means to be a good friend. The golden rules of being a good friend – no whispering, no gossiping, no excluding, just to name a few. Yet, it’s the moms breaking the golden rules!

There’s always one in a bunch. That mom who continues in her high school tracks. The mom who stirs the pot in every group of moms, and who turns other moms against each other. The mom who says to you, “you can keep your secret with me”, then turns around and becomes the community reporter with everything you’ve told her. The mom who puts herself at the top of the social hierarchy chain and who everyone knows because she knows everyone, including their social calendar. She’ll watch your kids for you while you have errands to run, but really she’s on the phone talking behind your back while she’s busy baking cookies for the next PTA meeting! It’s no wonder that children follow in their parents’ footsteps.

The bullying pandemic continues to escalate across the country. So moms, lead by example, and ask yourself, “I wonder where my child gets that from?”

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