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Inspirational Monday With Gabrielle Reece

Sometimes the scale becomes bigger than us. Women and girls everywhere around the world are consumed with what the scale says, not focused on how their body "feels." Fixated on the numbers on the scale, we ignore our muscle, shape and size. For years, I focused on what other girls my same age looked like. Being unfair to myself with unrealistic expectations, I put a tremendous amount of pressure on ME, the real me!

Whether you're a full time mom or an aspiring athlete, you will never reach the confidence you're so deserving of, as long as you continue to put yourself down, or compare yourself to others. Then, think about how you sound in the presence of your children and the words they hear you say, the messages you're delivering to your daughters.

At 160 pounds, Gabrielle Reece is "bummed out" because she doesn't weigh enough?! Gabrielle enlightens us with her mindset that health is the most important thing in life, and what you think, you make manifest. Even her 12 year old daughter weighs more than her! The fact is, her daughter is strong and healthy. It's time to stop putting so much emphasis on the scale and focus on how we "feel", knowing if we're at our personal best.

Thank you Gabrielle and daughter Reece for setting an example to other young girls around the world!

Listen to their important message:

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