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Have You Met This Eating Disorder? Introducing Orthorexia

Just when you thought you've heard about most eating disorders, there's yet something else to be worried about. Clean eating gone bad. Taking things to extreme in an addictive sense, as in obsessive and compulsive, is a form of orthorexia. In this case, healthy eating crosses the danger boundary.

When was the last time you had a discussion with your daughter about the way she treats her body? Some moms have opened up to me saying sometimes they just can’t get through to their daughter’s distorted image perception. It’s a daily struggle. We may say things like, “trust your body completely. Your body gives you signals – listen to them. Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone’s journey and body is different.”

According to Jordan Younger, orthorexia almost killed her. Often called the vegan trap and labeled as a fanaticism for pure foods, it can potentially cause harm. Many young girls and women suffer from a distorted body image, obsessed with thoughts about eating. Summer is now here. School is out. Now more than ever, girls are struggling with self-image, and sometimes their overzealous attitude towards eating can cause physical harm and emotional harm. So, before vacations start, or camp resumes, or if your daughter is working, find out how she’s treating her body. Warning – healthy eating can be unhealthy, especially for young, growing girls.

Watch Jordan Younger's video on how the blonde vegan's diet almost killed her.

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